Ho Chi Minh City

Born in 1985, Tokyo, Japan
Based in Ho Chi Minh City


Ayano Otani is a self taught artist having studied psychology for four years. She has been based in Vietnam since 2010.

Drawing inspiration from both natural forms and the urban environment Ayano work is both labour and time intensive. For the work on display in this exhibition, Aya decided that she wanted to experiment with expanding the drawing into installaton. The drawing on paper is framed in transparent frame. By challenging the notion that artwork exist entirely within the borders of the frame,  she creates a work of imagination that spills out into the walls and ceiling of the gallery. Through the use of paper, she interrupts the two dimensional surface and begins to draw with three dimensional form and shadow become an essential medium in the image making process.

Drawing came to Ayano at a very young age when she noticed the intricate patterns that veins form on leaves and then tried her best to reproduce them on paper. For Ayano, who never formally learnt how to draw, direct observation was a way of knowing the world. 

Ayano’s work can be found in throughout the city. She was a featured artist in the first edition of Saigon Art Book and recently was commissioned to create an intricate map of Saigon now printed on silk scarves by the designer Linda Mai Phuong. She exhibited her work throughout Asia including the Asia Art Contemporary Show (Hong Kong), BAF (Singapore), Art Kaohsiung  and Young Art Taipei (Taiwan) and in several exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City.