Ho Chi Minh City

Born in 1985, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
Based in Ho Chi Minh City

Viet is a self-taught artist working across a variety of media and forms. In this exhibition we focus on his drawings, whose superb draftmanship initially attracted me to his practice. All are informed from his observations of everyday life, very often drawn on site in his many sketchbooks. 

Viet decided early on that he wanted to create an installation whereby the visitor might get a sense of his own artistic process. On the wall are both works made specifically for this exhibition and others existing from his original sketchbooks.  He relocated his desk, chair and lamp from his studio to the exhibition space. As in the studio the drawings with collage mimic the studio wall, with images and references that inform the development of the art works, several of which will realize their final form in paintings.

Viet also envisioned, designed and created new frames for four of the larger drawings  with drawings positioned between an acrylic surface and a leather backing. 

The drawings on display are a small part of his prolific output, each combining acute records of real life experience with elements of surreality. Cigarettes are replaced with toothbrushes, time is split into frames with multiple appendages, bodies inflate to the size of buildings and the young men and women depicted in the scenes are hyper cool.

Viet continues to exhibit his work, including his oil painting throughout the city including group exhibitions at Pongdang Gallery and Sao La and specially commissioned work for drawings and storyboards for comics, magazines and design agencies.