Ho Chi Minh City

Born in 1975, Montepelier, France
Based in Ho Chi Minh City

Title: Hypomnemata (Installation, 2015)

The Greek term “Hypomnemata” may be simply translated as the ‘supports of memory’.

In the article “L’ecriture de soi” written in 1983, Michel Foucault wrote, “Hypomnemata, as memory devices, might have been found in accounting books, public registers, personal notebooks used as checklists.” For Foucault, the writing of hypomnemata defies scattering by setting acquired elements and by constituting “Past”, towards which it is possible to return or retreat. 

This installation puts together a selection of reproductions of notebooks pages and drawings realized between 2005 and 2015. It reveals a part of my art process that has never been exposed to the public before, but that constitutes an essential part of my work. Personal and reading notes, project drawings and everyday life sketches are displayed both on the wall and on a table – upon which the viewer is invited to rummage.  Most of the color drawings (original drawings are made of pencil, ink and watercolor on paper) whose copy is displayed here are part of private collections or of past gallery shows.

Collaborative wall drawing title: “Cadavre exquis”, Sandrine Llouquet, Ayano Otani and Hoang Nam Viet